Greetings, I’m Carmen Veal Conway, a Believer, wife, and mom passionate about natural hair, good habits, and simple living.

My late daughter Sania was my first inspirational push in life. Born at 17, I was determined to build us a beautiful life, which I tirelessly worked on improving through therapy for the next 20 years. Cutting off all my hair marked the beginning of my clean and simple lifestyle, inspiring me to prioritize self-care and mindful choices.

In 2016, I married my incredibly loving, kind, and supportive husband. We shared a vision early on—to raise incredible humans who positively impact the world. Maddie and our beautiful baby boy are direct reflections of that vision.

Through this journey, I’ve cultivated confidence in a clean and simple lifestyle, blending my love for natural hair with my greatest honors: loving my family, healing, cultivating good habits, and guiding my natural hair community.

I’m here to inspire you through glimpses into the beautiful life I’m grateful for. I hope you’ll discover inspiration and practical insights that resonate with your path to healing, wellness, and self-care.

My Journey from Blogger to Global Hair Care Advisor

From a humble hobby in 2013, my natural hair blog, Brown Skin Women, evolved into transformative events from 2014 to 2018 and a tight curl hair studio in 2018. In the subsequent years, I expanded my reach, guiding clients to master their natural hair. During the global pandemic, my home hair care teachings extended globally, reaching women in over 19 countries. Post-pandemic, a growing demand led me to educate hair care professionals. Now, in partnership with renowned theaters and museums, I serve as a natural hair advisor, contributing to making their endeavors more inclusive.