Why I Chose to Serve Tight Curls

Welcome to my corner of the internet! If you're like me, curious about others' stories, you're in the right place. I'm excited to share my journey of working with tight curly hair and advocating for Black women embracing their natural curls.

For far too long, Black people's hair wasn't celebrated in society. Today, despite progress, many challenges remain for Black women to have their hair accepted and respected in all aspects of life. Embracing our natural hair brings immense freedom, and I feel privileged to help Black women navigate and love their hair. This journey is a significant part of my life as a full-time entrepreneur.

I'm the proud owner of Brown Skin Women, which began as a blog back in 2013. It started as my platform to document my transition to chemical-free natural hair. Even with my background in hair care, there were still many myths and misunderstandings about tight curl hair.

Over time, I evolved from blogging to hosting in-person meetups for black women to connect and learn together. This led to the launch of my hair studio, where I catered to clients seeking healthy, natural curly hair. I started teaching them how to achieve salon-quality results at home and expanded to train other professionals because traditional cosmetology education often overlooks the intricacies of working with tight curls.

Unfortunately, in 2024, women with hair like mine still struggle to find salons that truly understand their needs without causing disappointment or insult. My goal is to share everything I know about tight curls to help address this ongoing challenge.

On a personal note within my brand, I've begun supporting caregivers with little ones who have curly hair, similar to my daughter Maddie, who is biracial. Most of my training is now accessible online here, allowing me to empower and guide others from the comfort of their homes.

So, that's the story behind my journey as a tight curl professional. Thank you for joining me on this adventure of embracing and celebrating natural beauty!

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