A Mother-Daughter Journey of Curl Confidence and Trust

When I reflect on what helps me look and feel my best, there are a few essential tools and practices I rely on to achieve this goal. These are the very same resources that have shaped Maddie's hair care routine, contributing to her blossoming confidence, making me immensely proud to call her my daughter.

Mirrors play a crucial role in our hair care routine. I use them to ensure precision and to understand exactly what I'm doing. By styling Maddie's hair in front of a mirror, I can see things from her perspective and ensure that she's part of the process, witnessing the transformation as it unfolds.

Beautiful Accessories:
Among our hair care essentials are the lovely flowers that Maddie took a liking to, assuming they were meant for her. I indulged her assumption, and now she often requests them as part of her hairstyle. Her eye for beauty is admirable; whenever she asks for specific placements, they end up perfectly enhancing her look.

Involving Her in the Process:
I always seek Maddie's feedback during our hair care sessions, asking if she feels comfortable or if I'm being too rough. If I inadvertently cause any discomfort, I apologize and adjust. Teaching her how to cleanse and detangle her own hair has been empowering for her; she's become quite adept at it.

Being a Positive Role Model:
I've made it a habit to speak words of love and encouragement during our hair care routines, fostering a positive environment that reinforces self-love. I speak highly of my hair during my routine. This practice has had a profound impact on Maddie since infancy, inspiring her to approach her hair care with confidence and joy.

But what if your child struggles with their hair care routine?

Building trust is paramount in such situations, which may take time. It's crucial to demonstrate gentleness and competence in handling their hair, minimizing any discomfort they may feel. The focus should not solely be on the hair itself but also on ensuring a comfortable experience throughout the process. This understanding led me to create the Kid's Curl Care Course, designed to educate parents not just on curly hair needs but also on proper handling techniques. If you're interested in learning more, you can enroll in the course here.

If you're interested in learning more about parenting with kindness and incorporating these practices into your family routine, you can find additional guidance in my comprehensive guide here.

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