If you plan to follow along Morning's with Maddie bubble ponytail with bangs, these are the products I use and recommend. 

Supplies: Tools

  • Continuous Mist Spray Bottle with water
  • Comb for parting
  • Detangle Brush to organize the hair
  • Smoothing Brush to style the hair
  • Hair Clip to hold the hair in place
  • Hair bands for the bubble ponytail
  • Flower Accessories (optional)
  • Hair Dryer (recommended to help set the style)


Supplies: Products

Note: You can use any ONE of the following

  • Camille Rose Curl Maker (styling gel for loose, silky curls)
  • The Doux Mousse Def (foam for setting the loose and tight silky and coarse curls).
  • Optional: leave in conditioner for additional moisture


Note: You are welcome to use products and tolls you prefer. These are my preferred items for Maddie's hair.

 You can find all of the supplies on my Amazon store list here.