Why is curly hair such a mystery?

It’s no secret that the European beauty standard heavily influenced perceptions of hair, favoring straight styles as the epitome of beauty. This mindset didn’t just affect tight curly hair but also had an impact on loose curls. Fortunately, the world is slowly embracing the beauty of all hair textures, including curls.

During my time in cosmetology school, proudly flaunting my tight curls, I noticed a significant gap in education. The beauty standard not only influenced ideals but also shaped cosmetology curriculums, leading to a lack of expertise in working with curly hair among many stylists and salons. Consequently, consumers are often left without proper guidance on caring for their curls, turning to blogs and YouTube for education. However, these resources often lack practical, science-based knowledge.

That’s why I created my Kids Curls course—to demystify curly hair care and provide practical skills rooted in science.
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