My six month VIP Goal Diggers Program offers a lot of love, amazing energy and me cheering you on!

It's a life-and-brand-enhancing investment in your business and more importantly, yourself. Let's explore what this service entails in detail...


~Access to my Goal Digging Women Academy for 6 months

This academy is my baby. I packaged everything I know, learned and even my setbacks to help set other up for the best possible chance at being successful. The Academy focuses on five key areas called CLIMB: Customer Experience, Leadership, Investments, Marketing & BrandingIf I can do it, you can too.


~Establish Social Media 

I will help you set up your accounts, make them attractive and aligned with the industry standard. The social media outlets included in this package are: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


~Social Media Content Plan

Calendar plan with brand focus breakdown, suggested content and relevant hashtags to use no what you post and when


~Social Media Managing Support

Let's face it, social media IS a rat race and I'm pretty sure I have cracked the code. 


~Newsletter Evergreen Setup

This is content that will grow your email list using a series of call-to-actions and auto-responder. The content never expires offering you a long-term way to gain new potential customers.


~Ticket to Network After Work Event In Your Area

Nothing tops in person connections and this professional networking event is one I have the absolute pleasure in coordinating (across the United States)


~Bi-Weekly Check-In Call Or Video Chat

It's like having your own coach and mentor to guide you every step of the way!


~Referral Database

This is more personal than passing your name along to someone looking for a product or service you offer. It's me being your silent cheerleader when I notice someone can benefit from knowing you. 


I accept new Goal Diggers only a few times per year so if you're interested in being the first to know when the time has come, sign up here. When you do you'll get access to my FREE resource library full of amazing workbooks, checklist and guides:

"If I can do this- build a wildly successful business and life that I love- than I know without a doubt you can too! As long as you have the mindset, desire to show up and ability to discipline yourself you CAN do this."