Carmen Veal

Welcome! Thank you for making it here! It means you’ve read all about my career leading up to recognizing my worth and value of the services I offer, joined my goal digger email list and followed the link in the welcome email to gain access to this page, where you’ll begin the steps towards organizing your own space. So thank you, I value time, more than money and know you choosing to be here is a big deal.

Now if for any reason you didn’t take the steps above (maybe a relative or friend forwarded you the link to this page) it’s OK, but I want you to get the most value out of my goal digger offerings so start HERE (I promised the next step will bring you back here :).

Now let’s get down to business. If you can recall, in the beginning I shared how I offer two distinct areas of focus. Here they are in further detail.

I will help you streamline your process using my analyze, organize and execute system. Itโ€™s one I used to create my blog, coordinate events, and use with clients and even friends looking for support with streamlining their processes.ย Here it the guide I use each and every time.


Interested in the break down so you can apply the steps towards achieving your goal? Good news, there’s a PDF of the break down waiting for you:



Interested in the break down so you can create your own guide? Good news, there’s a PDF of the break down waiting for you:

My other offering to you is your ability to tap into my professional network.


Build your network through my own by attending networking events across the U.S. Building a network offline is the perfect recipe for taking your offerings to the next level, including supporting the growth of your online community.

In case you didn’t get a chance to check out my background as explained on my about page HERE, I am an Event Executive. I have the honor and privilege of creating events for two pretty amazing brands (one is my very own) which is where I connect individuals with brands and other prospective contacts and clients. So, my offering to you is to attend the events to network and learn as well to vend.

Here is the breakdown:

Iย proudly plan events for Network After Work, America’s premiere networking company offering networking events in over 86 cities across the country. We offer a few pretty amazing ways to network your products and services either as an attendee, sponsor or vendor.

To attend or vend at any Network After Work Professional networking event email me:

I am also proud owner of Brown Skin Women where I plan period industry specific events across Connecticut (my home state). I offer an annual Natural Hair Retreat, annual Naturals Hair, Beauty & Wellness Expo and periodic Naturals Who Network events.

To attend or vend at any Brown Skin Women Industry event email me: