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Executing Quality Events

· The Difference Between A Poorly Run And Well Executed Event ·

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It's all in the before, during and after event details.

As an Event Planner with experience in different industries, I understand how beneficial it is to work with event professionals.  My career began as a volunteer, to an entry level ambassador and now, an event executive.  Prior to becoming an experienced event executive, I had my fair share of events that weren’t run with the expertise, quality and professionalism an event is capable of having.  It is to this end, I feel confident in helping you understand the value of hiring a professional, and the various staffing level options available to you.

First and foremost, putting on an event can be fun, but like every job there are fine details that are meticulous and tedious.  From the strategy phase to follow ups, negotiaions, contracts and spreadsheet tracking, the details requires an experienced project managers oversight to assure efficiency.  The good news is, there are independent contractors who can be hired to assist with the development and execution of any event, either for a company or a personal milestone event.


A meeting consultant is essentially a project manager and executive who can act in a supporting role for your team or as the lead planner for your event. Event Planning Consultants:

  • Are more cost-effective than having a dedicated planner (for companies and if you do they can)…
  • Compliment your staff’s efforts and maximize staff resources, relieving you from the minutia and giving you more time to focus on core organizational goals.
  • Provide expertise in highly specialized areas including budgeting, contract negotiations, marketing and promotion, exhibit and sponsorship sales and management, speak management and more!
  • Problem solve at a moment’s notice and handle the behind the scenes work.


There is a distinct difference between the two.  An event executive is one who coordinates aspects related to a specific staged experience that includes a time, date, location, people and interactive purpose.  Experiential Staff is essentially a day of ambassador who assists with live interactions.  These roles vary from check in, coat check, runner, set up, break down, server, etc.  The latter is entry level and can be done by an Event Executive (uncommon), but an Experiential Staff typically can not effectively produce the work of an executive.

There are a few up and coming experiential roles that can help improve many events.  They have the power and ability to take an event to a next level.

  1. Social Media Coordinator: helps keep your attendees informed, engaged and enthusiastic about your event and the festivities surrounding each aspect. One area to consider is day of Social Media support. Customers regularly ask questions and submit feedback on public platforms. It would be beneficial to have a dedicated person to address their needs during the event.
  2. Digital Concierge: Much like staff at a hotel, the DC role serves the same purpose only virtually.  Think of them as the virtual customer experience representative.  One area of focus could be to have this person in charge of live streaming the event for those who could not attend. This is a wonderful way to build greater event success and visibility.

With a little due diligence you can determine the best consultant to work with.  Do your homework to factor in their past experience, quality of work, rates, and testimonials from prior projects and clients. Remember, your events overall success depends on the teams experience, organization and ability to execute. Whether you choose to work with an Event Executive or Experiential Ambassador or both, you, your team and your attendees will benefit greatly from their professional attention to details.  Allowing you to show up and enjoy a wonderful time without the stress of having done it on your own.


  • The US Bureaus of Labor Statistics estimates that the event industry is likely to grow 44% by 2020, which is significant in an economy that is becoming more digital.
  • 87% of consumers purchase products related to a brand’s event after attending.



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