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Work Life “Balance”

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March 6, 2017 Comments Off on Work Life “Balance”

Courtesy of learning how to deal with life's lemons in a healthy way, deepening my practice of self-love and pouring it back into the Universe.

During one of the most trying times of my life I attended my first yoga class.  I immediately fell in love with it.  The practice, the journey, the way it made me feel.  Some years later I singled out and became slightly obsessed with the meditative aspect of it.  It’s something intensely profound about becoming one with the mind. 

Over time, meditation and yoga has allowed me to strengthen my relationship with myself. The reward was the encouragement to become the best possible version of myself.  This way of existing naturally leaked into my professional life, as does everything we do.  No matter how much we try to separate work and life, it doesn’t actually balance out.  There really is no easy way to divide work life. There is however, a pretty powerful way to align them. 

    As a business owner, I’ve learned everything is based around time and investing in myself and my business.  Meditation and yoga has become the fine line between mental wellness and small business success (setbacks included).  I know it may sound surprising but think about it.  The greatest challenge many of us face are those that impact our emotional wellbeing.  Generally, we go through phases with emotion and hardship, not reaching the point of healing through acceptance usually until the end (which can take months and even years).  When we are in our right mind (meaning not impacted solely by the negative aspects of a situation), we make healthier decisions.  Even if the foundation/root cause hurts, a healthy mindset can over come with stronger ability than an unhealthy one ever could.  Otherwise, we would be operating from a place of hurt which will only impact our decisions, action and others along the way.  In both our personal life and our professional one. 

    Have you ever reacted in a way that you eventually regretted? Wished you’d of responded differently? Ended up apologizing for the way you acted?  It’s usually because at the time, you were struggling with something deeper.  Either the situation itself or something completely unrelated.  Imagine being able to respond in a way that leaves you feeling little to no regret.  You may still feel pain, but not additional pain from acting out of character.  This is what I mean about operating from a place of healthy mental wellbeing.  

    I didn’t just arrive in this mental space.  It took a lot of pain, failures and setbacks to help me understand the only person and thing I can control is myself and my mindset.  So yoga and meditation were driving forces in allowing me to do so.  I became in tune with my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.  Which directly impacts every single walk of my life. The manner in which I show up for a work meeting, work event, doctors appointment, social gathering, how I respond to negative people, situations and it’s energy. 

    Can you see how this way of existing can become addicting?  A natural way of existing allowed me to create all of this. 

    Wanting to take this a step further, I decided to study meditation to become an instructor.  It was such an intimate life changing experience that allowed me to deepen the understanding and practice.  

    Today, everyone in my personal and professional life benefits from me being the possible version of myself.  More importantly, I benefit from being the best possible version of myself. 

    Do what you love. Then throw it around like it’s confetti.

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