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Branding: Check and constantly recheck your ability to fully recommit to your goals

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May 3, 2017 Comments Off on Branding: Check and constantly recheck your ability to fully recommit to your goals

There are some hard truths about entrepreneurship/project management that we either un or subconsciously ignore.

Yesterday I had a consultation with a woman looking for help with taking her product line to the next level.  A friend of hers who attends may Brown Skin Women expos referred her to me as a possible resource. She was struggling with taking her business to the next level. 

I always begin with a few basic questions: what do you offer, why, to whom, and what is your goal.  The last question is where most people get stuck. She wanted to take her business to the next level but didn’t know what that level should look like. So I helped her set a next step goal that would then welcome another goal and so forth.  

She decided her 2017 goal was to produce 2,000 of her products by the end of the year (2017). So I helped her look at this goal through a microscope: 2K over the next 7 months equals about 285 items per month, and more realistically about 71 items per week based on the amount of the time she could set aside to dedicate to product creation. 

At this point I engaged a discussion about promoting and marketing the product (man hours she’d need to vend at events, run an online store and advertise on social media to an audience she was also looking to build).  What good is creating 2k products if you don’t have 2k customers to sell them to?  She would be doing all of the marketing ON HER OWN while working a full time job and running an busy household. While I helped her gain a bit more clarity, she quickly realized she was in for a serious challenge and would need to adjust to make it all work and fit. 

I have worked for and with so many amazing (and not so amazing) women and men since inception of my parent company, Sani Auri (established 2009). I’ve also done enough failing forward with various aspects of business ownership myself.  Learning from my own mistakes and those of others, I have valuable insight into what does and doesn’t work. Without hard goal, structure and systems the chances of sustainable success are slight.  My opinion of course isn’t a fact and it doesn’t decide anyone reality.  It just shines a light on area many aspiring and current business owners consciously or unconsciously turn a blind eye to. 

I commend goal digging women and men chasing their dreams. It’s admirable and it feels good.  I just want some common mistakes done avoided.  Preparation and organization are key.  

One valuable free resource available across the US is Small Business Association.  They’re services are amazing and can help smalls business succeed front inception to execution. 

This and other awesome resources (offers by local college business centers for example) allows us to check and constantly recheck ourselves and our ability to fully commit to our goals.  We have to willing and open to adjusting where necessary. 


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